The National Reality TV Awards USA was launched in 2012 at the Crescent Hotel in Beverley Hills. Attendees included; Shark Tank , Kadarshians, The Bachelor and a plethora of cast and crew from some of the US most successful Reality TV shows. National Reality TV Awards USA is nominated and voted for by reality TV fans across the USA.

National Reality TV Awards UK
, National Reality TV Awards USA and the brand Reality TV Awards is owned and produced annually by the National Television, Film & Arts Academy (NTFAA).

The Academy was formed in June 2003 to provide support, guidance and representation to aspiring and established filmmakers, talent, and independent production companies within the Motion picture, Arts and Reality Television industry in Europe, USA, North America, South America and Africa.
The Academy launched the first global National Reality Television Awards at the O2 in 2011 as the only global TV awards ceremony with all nominees and winners decided by reality television fans worldwide.The NRTA (National Reality TV Awards) is held annually in the United Kingdom and USA and syndicated to over 22 countries worldwide.The National Reality TV Academy has also re-defined and re-structured how Reality TV is perceived worldwide by introducing definitions of the different genres that make up this genre. The awards show acts as a vehicle to celebrate the achievements of the Pre/Post -Production staff and the shows plus talent that have made Reality TV the most watched genre by millions worldwide