Llaria Lashes Joins National Reality TV Awards as a Bronze Sponsor and Official Sponsor of Best News Programme Category


[London, 07/06/23] Llaria Lashes,  is proud to announce its partnership as a bronze category sponsor for the 12th annual National Reality TV Awards. In addition, Llaria Lashes has been named the official sponsor of the Best News Programme category.

Founded in 2021, Llaria Lashes started as a small beauty business on Etsy, growing into a well-loved brand that offers high-quality lashes without the heavy price tag. Kiran Ansar, the CEO of Llaria Lashes, began her journey as a fragrance and beauty consultant, bringing expert-level quality to the brand’s lashes, providing natural-looking volume and length.

“I spent years talking myself out of starting my own beauty brand with every ‘what if’ possible. After years of self-doubt and low self-esteem, my dreams drifted. I settled. I stayed safe. I didn’t believe in myself. I was pushed into following my dream when my stable job that I settled for left me. I started to believe because I had nothing to lose… And Llaria Lashes became a reality,” said Kiran Ansar.

Llaria Lashes takes pride in its commitment to diversity and inclusivity. With roots in an exciting and rich South Asian culture, the brand ensures that everyone feels represented and included. Llaria Lashes offers ethically-minded faux mink lashes, using plant-based fiber, promoting a cruelty-free approach to beauty. Inspired by the beauty of butterflies, a symbol of transformation and freedom, Llaria Lashes provides grace and gorgeousness in every product.

“We are thrilled to be the proud sponsor of the National Reality TV Awards. With this honor, our brand is humbly contributing to the appreciation of talent and entertainment in the industry,” added Kiran Ansar. “Llaria Lashes is delighted to be an official Bronze Sponsor of the 12th Annual National Reality Television Awards, recognizing the outstanding achievements of TV professionals. As a Bronze Sponsor, Llaria Lashes will have the opportunity to celebrate the best in television and entertainment with the most talented people in the industry, which is such a privilege.”

To explore Llaria Lashes’ range of gorgeous, ethically-minded products, visit their official website at https://llarialashes.com.

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About Llaria Lashes:

Llaria Lashes began as a small beauty business in 2021, offering high-quality lashes at affordable prices. Inspired by the beauty of butterflies, Llaria Lashes brings grace and gorgeousness to the world of lashes. With a commitment to diversity and ethically-minded practices, Llaria Lashes ensures that everyone can express their inner beauty and glam up any look. For more information, visit https://llarialashes.com.