NRTA 10th anniversary- New Date Announcement


10th annual National Reality TV Awards



  1. Postponement due to Covid-19
  2. The 10th annual National Reality TV Awards
  3. 2021 New Strategy
  4. Nominations & Voting
  5. Sponsors & Partners
  6. Tickets & Tables
  7. The Academy & Foundation


  1. Postponement due to Covid-19:

The National Reality TV Awards announced the official nominations for the10th edition of the National Reality TV Awards on the 23rd of July 2020.  Public voting commenced and the awards were set to take place on the 29th of September 2020 at the Porchester Hall in London. However, the world was hit with a Pandemic which we now know as the Corona virus or Covid 19. The Academy and its board members across 14 cities held an emergency meeting in London which included management from the host venue and consultation from the Health secretary’s office. In lieu of the potential risks posed by the virus to our nominees, partners, production staff, sponsors, academy staff, media and general audience. An executive decision was taken to postpone the 10th NRTA edition after close consultation with government officials who advised us that gatherings and events will have to be restricted to under 30. Downing Street said the new coronavirus regulations, which took effect on the 4 July, will put a limit on gatherings for the next few months. These health protection regulations were signed by Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

  1. The NRTA 10th Edition:

Each year, the academy has an official remit to host an annual National Reality TV Awards with the 10th edition representing an anniversary milestone which has to be celebrated. 2020, represented the 10th edition which cannot be skipped to the 11th edition as this will go against NRTA policy. Hence, the new date for the 10TH annual National Reality TV Awards  will be the 25th of January 2021.

The reason why the academy chose January 2021 rather than our usually allotted slot in September is due to advise from the government on when the forecast will be for a much more stable environment for events such as the NRTA’s. However,  if the January date has to be moved, all parties will be informed and notice will be announced the official NRTA website: www.nationalrealitytvawards.org


Event: 10th National Reality TV Awards

Date:  25th of January 2021

Venue: Porchester Hall, Porchester Rd,



Status: Confirmed


  1. 2021 New Strategy

The National Reality TV Awards 2021 strategy will start from September leading up to January 2021 to ensure that the opportunity for change is capitalised by all to gain from this unprecedent moment.  Below, is an outline of our 2020- 2021 strategy month by month leading up to the 10th annual National Reality TV Awards.


Timeline of Activity:

September 2020:

– Re-announcement of   10th annual NRTA edition nominees

– Nominee invitations commence

October 2021:

-Announcement of all official sponsors and partners

-Commencement of sponsorship  strategy

November 2020:

-Announcement of the recipient of the NRTA Lifetime Achievement Award and the NRTA Outstanding Contribution to Reality TV  award.

-Nationwide PR & Marketing campaign is launched to search for our male and female Red carpet TV hosts.

-Thousands of entries are expected nationwide

-Shortlist of 50 of the Fresh faces submitted is released online for members of the academy and the tv fans to watch and vote online for who will be the male and female red carpet host of the NRTA.

December 2020:

-All online voting for the 10th NRTA is finalised

-Host of the NRTA 10th Edition is announced

-Red carpet & Backstage presenters are announced

January 2021:

The 10th Edition of the National Reality TV Awards takes place on the 25th of January 2021

-Winners of the 10th NRTA are announced

-Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award & Outstanding Contribution to Motion Picture is announced

February 2021:

-Date for the 2022 – 11th Edition is announced

-Submission for 2022 nominees are now open

  1. Nominations & Voting:

-Public voting for the 10th edition of the NRTA is currently live and the deadline will now be extended until the 1st of December 2020 providing an opportunity for individuals who have not previously voted to vote.



-Please, note that all previous votes before the 2020 deadline will still be included in the final results.

-If you have voted in 2020, there is no need to vote again as your votes are already included.

-The votes are only one vote per person.

-From time to time, the academy may contact the voting party to request additional ID, if both IP Addresses, name, e-mail or phone numbers match a previous voter.


  1. Sponsors & Partners:

The National Reality TV Awards is always delighted to introduce great brands who partner and grow with the academy via our marketing and sponsorship programs. Covid-19 has been classed as a pandemic which we have reflected in our terms under force majeure. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has impacted the ability of businesses around the globe to maintain operations and fulfil existing contractual obligations. In just a matter of days, the World Health Organization (“WHO”) declared COVID-19 a pandemic, governments imposed unprecedented travel, movement, and large-gathering restrictions. Although, a huge percentage of activity has been finalised prior to the awards. Covid-19 affecting the date of the awards prevented us from completing our contractual obligations with partners/sponsors by delivering the actual event on the original date. The implementation of travel, movement, and large-gathering restrictions have altered the force majeure landscape. However, the academy has always had a clause in place to protect all sponsors and partners to ensure that non-performance or completion of packages is always protected on behalf of all our clients which means although there are no refunds granted as per our terms. All clients have an absolute right to the entire current package at the next event. With this in mind;


-All current sponsors/partners to receive a full reinstated package with PR/Marketing commencing from September.

-All current sponsors/partners will receive an additional 5-month PR/Marketing in line with the full schedule with no additional payment required.

-All current sponsors/partners will be granted rights to defer or first option to any edition if they are not available to participate in the 2021 awards.

-All current sponsors/partners will be included in all activity surrounding the new edition including month by month activity from January not previously available under initial agreement.


Apart from our current sponsors who by default will receive all naming rights and packages for the 2020 edition re-instated. There is now an opening for any new sponsors/partners who would like to get involved with the 2021 edition. To express interest, e-mail: [email protected]


  1. Tickets & Tables:

-Similar, to our previous point 5 in this document. Your Tickets and Tables will also be automatically moved to the 2021 event.

-If for any reason you are not able to attend a new date.  You will still be able to utilise your already booked tickets/tables at the next edition of the awards.

-Your tickets also remain transferable to a next party to attend on your behalf

-Your tickets/tables are still valid, and your table numbers allocated will also all remain the same.

You can buy tickets and table for the 10th anniversary of the National Reality TV Awards by clicking here

  1. The Academy & Foundation

COVID-19 has affected the TV community, leaving thousands of TV creators and professionals with an uncertain future. We are here to help. National Reality TV Awards has partnered with the Reset Relief Foundation to help our peers in the film community affected by the coronavirus pandemic. If you would like to help or support this mission. E-mail: [email protected]